PISTOIA BLUES: when Blues and Rock perform in a Medieval background


Piazza del Duomo, in the middle of Pistoia, is an old Square which preserved its historical value and in July it becomes the perfect setting for Pistoia Blues Festival!


For 40 years, the most famous Italian and international artists have been performing here involving people from all over Europe.

This very popular event is always updated with emerging Artists in addition to the timeless traditional Stars of the International music.


This time for the 40th Festival Anniversary, the setlist is really irresistible:



PISTOIA: a City to discover


Pistoia has always been devalued and overshadowed because of its closeness to the city of Florence.

However, from 2017 when it was chosen as Italian Capital of Culture, Pistoia is emerging year after year as a precious city of art and history.


Moreover, Pistoia Blues is one of the most important events during the Luglio Pistoiese, when the city also commemorates its Patron Saint St. Jacopo with thousands of celebrations.


VILLA GIORGIA: an oasis of delights up on the Pistoiesi Hills


Villa Giorgia is only few minutes far from Pistoia.

Although it is really easy to reach from the Centre, Villa Giorgia lies up on the hills, in a quiet and relaxing area, with an enchanting and unique panoramic view.


It is the perfect location to relax after one of the fantastic Pistoia Blues Concerts!


Now you just have to contact us and organize your vacation in the sign of Music!

Villa Giorgia

via Bolognese, 164

51100 Pistoia

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