PISTOIA BLUES: when Blues and Rock perform in a Medieval background


Piazza del Duomo, in the middle of Pistoia, is an old Square which preserved its historical value and in July it becomes the perfect setting for Pistoia Blues Festival!


For 40 years, the most famous Italian and international artists have been performing here involving people from all over Europe.

This very popular event is always updated with emerging Artists in addition to the timeless traditional Stars of the International music.


This time for the 40th Festival Anniversary, the setlist is really irresistible:



PISTOIA: a City to discover


Pistoia has always been devalued and overshadowed because of its closeness to the city of Florence.

However, from 2017 when it was chosen as Italian Capital of Culture, Pistoia is emerging year after year as a precious city of art and history.


Moreover, Pistoia Blues is one of the most important events during the Luglio Pistoiese, when the city also commemorates its Patron Saint St. Jacopo with thousands of celebrations.


VILLA GIORGIA: an oasis of delights up on the Pistoiesi Hills


Villa Giorgia is only few minutes far from Pistoia.

Although it is really easy to reach from the Centre, Villa Giorgia lies up on the hills, in a quiet and relaxing area, with an enchanting and unique panoramic view.


It is the perfect location to relax after one of the fantastic Pistoia Blues Concerts!


Now you just have to contact us and organize your vacation in the sign of Music!

Villa Giorgia

via Bolognese, 164

51100 Pistoia

0573 48422



Firenze Rocks: June in Florence in the sign of Rock Music

In June Florence turns into a Rock City!


From June 13th to 16th the best Singers and Rock Bands will play in the area of Visarno Arena, in the heart of Cascine Park in Florence.

This is the perfect combination to have fun and enjoy amazing concerts in the open air.


Have a look at the Program here below!



FLORENCE: a multi-faceted city


Florence is just 30 minutes far from Villa Giorgia. Easy to reach by car taking the A11 Firenze-Mare Highway or by public transports such as the direct regional trains or buses.

Every year Florence attracts many tourists thanks to its charming beauty and various cultural activities.

In fact, there are several events scheduled day by day in order to discover Tuscany!

People can visit the worldwide famous museums, stroll around the historical centre or enjoy the modern musical shows. This city will never let you down!


At the end of such a busy day, what’s better than relaxing in the green and quiet countryside, enjoying the panoramic view from your room?



CHOOSE VILLA GIORGIA as first Stop of your “Firenze Rocks”!


Contact us and find the best solution for you and your trip around Tuscany.

Villa Giorgia

via Bolognese, 164

51100 Pistoia

0573 48422



If you are looking for a strategic stopover for your next itinerary to Tuscany, without forgetting quietness, panoramic view and delicious food, then Villa Giorgia is definitely the perfect location for you!

Just 40 kilometres away from Florence and Lucca, but also only 70 kilometres away from the seaside, our hotel will turn into your reference point to discover the heart of Tuscany. Other interesting destinations like Emilia-Romagna and the Modena area are just around the corner so that it is also easy to build longer and more challenging itineraries.

Villa Giorgia is near Pistoia, along one of the most appreciated streets by bikers and classic car lovers of this area: Porrettana street or SS 64. Every year the famous vintage car race Coppa della Collina, which celebrates its 19th edition, is organized here; while on weekends lots of motorbike and car enthusiasts ride along its curves, fascinated by its beauty and the wonderful views that can be enjoyed throughout its 137 kilometres that connect Pistoia to Ferrara.

It doesn’t matter if you visit us for a classic car or motorbike event, an exhibition or just the next stopover, at Villa Giorgia you can find all you need to turn your stay into much more than just a simple stop. Our comfortable rooms, the colourful garden with swimming pool, our panoramic restaurant with typical Tuscan cuisine… there is everything you need to relax and to get ready for your next adventure.

But don’t forget about your ride, our true VIP guest. Here at Villa Giorgia you can find a large outdoor parking right in front of the hotel, an indoor garage and a private area where it is possible to park cars or motorbikes away from indiscreet stares.

Last but not least, you can also drive up to our panoramic park, the perfect spot for exhibitions or prize-giving.

Contact us for further information, we are glad to help you to organize your next sporting event!

Contact us for further information, we are glad to help you to organize your next sporting event!

Why do we recommend to spend a weekend with your family in Pistoia? Because Pistoia offers many interesting activities both for adults and kids and you have the chance to discover places full of history and fun.


In the centre of Pistoia there are many activities you can do with your children, here you find some ideas:

  • Pistoia’s Zoological Garden, a park with more than 400 animals that covers a surface of 17 acres. This park is one of the most important ones in Italy because of its size, its educational activities and the preservation of the different animal species. (discount on entry tickets)
  • The Flying Garden, a unique playground where kids play around and with works of art (free entry)
  • The underground path “Pistoia Sotterranea” to discover the mysterious undergrounds of the city (discount on entry tickets)
  • Marino Marini Museum, families can find in this museum a special area just for kids and occasionally the staff organizes animated visits and laboratories.
  • If you are visiting the city on August 24th you cannot miss Saint Bartholomew’s city festival dedicated to children, while for the feast of the Epiphany on January 6th all children will be enchanted by the descent of the old lady called “Befana” who is coming down from the bell tower in the dome square to give all children treats and presents.

Not far from Villa Giorgia and from the city of Pistoia (about 30 minutes), we suggest two activities that your children will love:


  • The small medieval town of Vinci with Leonardo’s Museum
  • Pinocchio’s Park and the Butterfly House in the town of Collodi


Here at Villa Giorgia there are also available special offers with free dinner and stay for all kids under 10 years of age, click here for more details:


Richiedi disponibilità Prenota subito

With this last novelty the restaurant Locanda di Villa Giorgia becomes the ideal location for your most romantic moments. In a unique location near the pool of the prestigious Hotel Villa Giorgia you can taste an aphrodisiac fish dinner.

This menu specially created by our chefs:

♥ Insalata di Polpo, cruditè di Gamberoni e Tartare di tonno rosso con frutta fresca

♥ Risotto con Capesante al profumo di Tartufo

♥ Catalana di Astice con frutta fresca

♥ Bonet a cioccolato fondente e peperoncino

Your table will be the only one in the park in the middle between the hotel pool and the picturesque view of the city of Pistoia. Our proposal also includes drinks (1 liter of water and 1 bottle of Prosecco) and coffee. The price is € 70.00 per person. Reservations required at least 4 days in advance. For more information please use our contact form or the following contact 057348422  info@locandadivillagiorgia.it

The new chef of the restaurant La Veranda of Villa Giorgia is Andrea Garofalo. He is young, full of initiative ,he loves the raw material, try combinations he adores spicy taste and compose dishes that impress with their colors. His dishes are very fragrant and are based on simple but unexpected combinations.

His specialty is the fresh fish, low temperature cooking, and steaming. He sets up a new menu based on seasonal ingredients for a gourmet cuisine with fresh, carefully selected dishes.

panciotto di capesante su crema di zucchine Tris di Hamburger di Angus, Scottona e Cinta Senese con Salse (3)


The most exciting European event within the comics, animation, role-playing and table, video games and fantasy back in Lucca from October 28 to November 1, 2016 .Cross media show par excellence since 1966 celebrates the culture pop. With nearly 500,000 visitors in total, more than 40,000 square meters of exhibition space, 20 exhibitions, more than 500 events including meetings with authors and publishers, shows and concerts, is a must for fans of all possible worlds. Lucca Comics & Games is held in the historic center of the ancient city of Lucca, a charming city rich in art and history in the heart of Tuscany a few km from Villa Giorgia. Our hotel turns out to be the ideal location to get to the festival and discover the best corners of Tuscany within a few minutes

For further information and details please contact us at the following number +39 0573 480042 or email us at info@villagiorgia.it

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The10th stage of the 99th edition of the Giro d’Italia has crossed once again from Pistoia. This time the carovana rosa started from Campi Bisenzio and direct in Sestola has moved from via Bolognese paying a visit also to our Hotel before reaching the first g.p.m. stage planned at Collina

Pistoia – Dialogues on Man, the festival of contemporary anthropology, presents its seventh edition, focusing on “Humanity at play. Society, culture and games”. Dialogues aims to offer the widest possible audience of all generations the tools to confront and decipher the reality in which we live.
Culture springs from a form of play (as Dutch historian Johan Huizinga wrote), so play is not merely an activity for children, though it is crucial for their healthy mental development. Play is central to culture because humanity is built through simulation, invention/fiction and mimicking situations. Anthropologists, philosophers, sociologists, scientists, psychoanalysts and people from the world of sport join in discussions, conferences, shows, films and the occasional game to talk about rules and discipline, but also pleasure, happiness, rationality, gambling, adventure and risk-taking, simulation and strategy, learning and evolution. Play is found in all societies, in a myriad of different forms, travelling through societies, being transformed as it goes, generating opportunities for integration and the “creation of culture”. After all, as Umberto Eco put it, play is “one of the fundamental human needs”. So come to Pistoia and “play along” with a visit to Ferdinando Scianna’s solo photographic exhibition, created especially for Dialogues.


Pier Aldo Rovatti

Playing the Game

may fri 27, 2016 – 5.30 p.m.
piazza del Duomo
 – admission free
Davide Tortorella

From TV quizzes to game shows: the plot of play on television

may fri 27, 2016 – 7.00 p.m.
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Massimo Recalcati

The game of life

may fri 27, 2016 – 21.15
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00
Gioele Dix reads Stefan Zweig

The Royal Game

may fri 27, 2016 – 9.30 p.m.
Manzoni Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Directed by Robert Siodmak. Introduced by Ranieri Polese

Screening of the film: The Great Sinner

may fri 27, 2016 – 22.30
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Eva Cantarella

The Olympics and play in ancient times

may sat 28, 2016 – 11.00 a.m.
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00
Alberto Nocentini

Between etymology and enigmatography: in search of the game-playing foundations of linguistics

may sat 28, 2016 – 12.00
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Davide Zoletto

The game of hospitality

may sat 28, 2016 – 12.00
Sala Maggiore, City Hall
 admission euro 3.00
Dario Maestripieri

The evolution of play in monkeys and humans

may sat 28, 2016 – 15.00
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Matteo Rampin

When the game gets tough: sport, mind and fatigue.

may sat 28, 2016 – 4.00 p.m.
piazza dello Spirito Santo
 admission euro 3.00
Alessandro Piperno

Vladimir Nabokov’s vertiginous games

may sat 28, 2016 – 5.30 p.m.
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Christian Bromberger

Football as a “deep game” packed with meaning

may sat 28, 2016 – 5.30 p.m.
Sala Maggiore, City Hall
 admission euro 3.00
Marco Aime

Playing the stock exchange: risk-taking and witchcraft on Wall Street

may sat 28, 2016 – 6.30 p.m.
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00
Stefano Bartezzaghi

Play: “an irrepressible human need”

may sat 28, 2016 – 21.15
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00
Arturo Brachetti

The magic game of the imagination

may sat 28, 2016 – 9.30 p.m.
Manzoni Theatre
 admission euro 7.00
Directed by Elio Petri. Introduced by Ranieri Polese

Screening of the film “The Tenth Victim”

may sat 28, 2016 – 22.30
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Run by Artemisia Associazione Culturale

Play in Pistoia. A treasure hunt through the city.

may sun 29, 2016 – 10.30 a.m.
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00
Marco Dotti

The corruption of play

may sun 29, 2016 – 10.30 a.m.
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Anna Oliverio Ferraris

Play to learn how to live. The value of play in childhood

may sun 29, 2016 – 11.30 a.m.
piazza dello Spirito Santo
 admission euro 3.00
Antonella Sbrilli

Art’s perspective on play

may sun 29, 2016 – 15.00
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00
Luca De Biase

Play in the infosphere: the dominion of videogames

may sun 29, 2016 – 4.00 p.m.
Sala Maggiore, City Hall
 admission euro 3.00
Stefano Bartezzaghi with Davide Tortorella

Crosswords on play

may sun 29, 2016 – 16.30
Piazza della Sapienza
 admission euro 3.00
Adriano Favole

Bingo! Play and cultural creativity

may sun 29, 2016 – 5.30 p.m.
piazza dello Spirito Santo
 admission euro 3.00
Marco Tardelli, Bruno Barba and Sara Tardelli

What’s important is to play: the values of sport

may sun 29, 2016 – 6.30 p.m.
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00
Directed by Robert Rossen. Introduced by Ranieri Polese

Screening of the film: “The Hustler”

may sun 29, 2016 – 20.00
Bolognini Theatre
 admission euro 3.00

It is now in its 38th edition of the Pistoia Blues, who as pleasant tradition, even in 2017 will bring the Tuscan town between the main protagonists Italian summer music live. The cast that will be hosted by different location will have its heart in the charming Piazza Duomo, and will include national and international artists of the first order. The Pistoia Blues is preparing to return in 2017 with a varied and interesting concerts, as evidenced by the names of the first announced headliner: Franco Battiato (along with RoyalPhilharmonic Concert Orchestra), Jesus And Mary Chain, Gogol Bordello and Steven Van Zandt with its project Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul. Here is the program of the artists already confirmed, with further dates to be announced upon completion of the calendar.

Here is the program of the artists already confirmed, with further appointments to be announced to complete the calendar.

Teatro Manzoni – Pistoia | ore 21.30

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.30

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.30

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.30

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.30

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.30

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.00

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.00

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.30

Piazza del Duomo – Mainstage | ore 21.30


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